Melatonin is a natural substance the pineal gland produces. This gland, located at the brain’s center, receives a signal when it’s time to sleep and effects melatonin’s release. The process generally occurs when it gets dark, and the secretion increases through the night.

With passing age, a person’s body tends to lose its hormone-producing capability. You must have heard older people finding it difficult to sleep. A low hormonal level is the primary reason behind it. Apart from age, other factors like lifestyle changes, heavy medications or too much stress also lead to sleep-related issues. Hence, consuming buy melatonin based supplements is a way out for curing sleep disorders.

melatonin supplements

Melatonin supplements

The pros of taking melatonin supplements

The benefits of taking these supplements are numerous. These naturally occurring substances in supplements have been proven to fulfill the hormonal lack in human body. Taking them in the right dosage can, thus, solve many issues related to an insufficient availability of this hormone.

  • The cure for lifestyle-related sleep disorders

The circadian rhythm or ‘body clock’ of people who sleep at irregular hours gets disrupted. As a result, the pineal gland doesn’t receive a signal for melatonin release at the right time. Such a person, therefore, suffers from a lack of this hormone in their body, disrupting their sleep. The hormone’s food supplement can effectively make up for the lack of it in their body. As and when you start getting back normal sleep, you can discontinue the pills.

  • An effective remedy for old people’s sleeplessness

Old people have a decreased ability to produce this hormone. For their sleep-related disorders, doctors advise taking it in supplemental form. It helps them sleep peacefully.

  • As a treatment for heartburn

Melatonin’s powerful antioxidant properties when administered in the form of supplemental pills reduce heartburn. In research, people administered with this supplement have positive effects against heartburn.

  • Effective in restricting ulcers

Free radicals lead to the formation of ulcers and inflamed tissues, sometimes leading to cancer. The hormone, also known as a terminal antioxidant, restricts the formation of these radicals in the human body by forming stable molecules with them. Hence, for people with ulcerative tissues, it is used as preventive medicine.

  • Helpful for autistic kids

Parents of autistic or hyperactive kids claim that these supplements help relieve their kids’ anxiety.

The cons of taking these supplements

Although there are no proven disadvantages of taking these supplements as such, you need to take note of a few observed effects.

  • Slight aggravation in depression

Cases are rare, but some people have found their depression worsening after taking it in high dosage. So, it’s best to start with a small dosage.

  • Body’s adaptation to its prolonged use

When taken in high dosage for a longer period, the risk of developing tolerance towards this hormone prevails. Thus, on further intake, it may render ineffective.

  • Side effects of supplements derived from animal sources

Melatonin supplements made from animal sources are best to avoid. It is because they may do more harm to your body than good with exposure to the risk of numerous microbial infections.

The catch is that you need to maintain their level of intake. Small dosages can give highly beneficial results while offering your body an opportunity to adapt to it.