Do you know our body has a pineal gland which secretes a hormone known as melatonin? This substance is also taken as a supplement to accelerate its natural production.

Why so?

Several factors including age influence its proportion in our body. This antioxidant as supplements is mainly used for rectifying jet lags and preventing sleepless nights. In addition to those, it also helps in adapting to changing work routines.

Most people do not realize that when there is a reduction in their production, it also means their system clock is not working properly. This causes a massive problem for our system, and we end up spending restless nights. Right then, these supplements come in the picture.

melatonin for restless nights

Melatonin for restless nights

Is it essential to include melatonin supplements in your diet?

It is recommended that one should take dosage ranging between 0.2 and 20 mg approximately. More than this dosage can result in adverse effects on one’s body. These effects include feeling sleepy all day long, decreasing body temperature, having nightmares, bleeding internally and fluctuating blood pressure levels. Moreover, it will be almost impossible to wake up early morning.

This hormone production continues for around 12 hours at night and its level decreases in daylight. This fall in its level leads to a tremendous energy burst.

Gather the correct information before taking the supplements

Most people make a common mistake of confusing these supplements as sleeping pills. However, it doesn’t work like that. You won’t fall asleep as soon as you take the supplement and you would definitely not continue sleeping for a long time as you imagine it would be. All you need to do is take buy melatonin uk supplements at least twice a week to reset your sleeping schedule.

Melatonin helps to regulate the day-to-day rhythms of your body. Once you start having them at regular intervals, you would feel exhausted at similar hours during nights, and you would remain lively throughout the entire day.

However, make sure you don’t consume these supplements in high doses. Consult a physician to ensure it is 100% safe for you as per your medical conditions. This consultation is especially required when it comes to children or pregnant women.

Generally speaking, no matter what supplement you take, do not have large doses at any cost and always seek professional advice. It’s better not to make such decisions yourself.